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• Nursing Services

• Hospice Aide Services

• Spiritual Counseling

• Social Services

• Pain Control and Symptom Care Management

• Patient and Family Education

• Medical Supplies

• Durable Medical Equipment

(Full Electric hospital bed, oxygen concentrators etc.)

• General Inpatient Care

• Respite Care for Family and Caregivers

• Bereavement Support

• Volunteer Assistance

Our Team






Our Inter Disciplinary Group (IDG) is coordinated by physicians and licensed nurses with the sole purpose of addressing the individual needs of each patient and his/her family. The IDG develops a plan of care (POC) specific to the unique issues affecting each patient. Each team is comprised of the following professionals:

Hospice Physician:·Oversees the patient’s care. Works in conjunction with the patient’s primary physician to provide the best care necessary. 24 hours on call and is always available to give orders, verbally, over the phone for medical emergencies.

Licensed Nurses (RN and LVN):·Highly trained nurses for home visitations and follow ups. Manages the patient’s medical care and is highly skilled in assessing and managing pain and discomfort, educates and trains caregivers and provides hands-on-care, maintains communications and coordination among the entire IDG.

Certified Hospice Aide:·Assists with the patient’s hygiene. Oversees dental and oral care.

Social Worker:·Assists in providing emotional care to patient & family members, helps address financial issues, helps obtain any governmental support, if qualified assists with end-of-life preparations such as funeral and mortuary arrangements.

Spiritual Counselor/Chaplain:·Works in conjunction with the patient’s clergy, available to provide spiritual support for patient and family, available to conduct or attend memorial services and does bereavement follow ups.

Hospice Volunteer:·Specially trained volunteers are available to spend time with the patient, offer companionship and provide relief for the family.